Latest Phuzzls

Whether you are a 'furlough phuzzler' who takes time out to enjoy the story first before solving the puzzle, or a 'fast & furious phuzzler' who immediately gets stuck into the search for answers,  check out these latest phuzzls.  Who knows, one day they might even appear in book form if there's sufficient demand, but let's not get ahead of ourselves! Follow us on X/Twitter for notifications of new stories.

Enough talking, It's time to unmuzzle that phuzzl!

Bond Movies

There are twenty five Bond movie titles in this easy peasy starter phuzzl. Can you spy them all?

Classic Games

Classic Games phuzzl. Let’s hope you’re more eagle-eyed than the guards in this story of a museum heist with a difference.

TV Cartoon Shows

TV Cartoon Shows phuzzl. Twenty classic cartoon show titles to find in this story of zoological cover ups.

Football Teams

Finding 20 famous football teams will be easier than facing Sir Alex’s half-time pep-talk. As these ladies are about to find out.

Big Screen Romances

There are twenty famous romantic movie titles to find in this in story of love, flat cats and unsinkable coffins.

Garden Flowers

Can you weed out 21 common types of flower embedded within this tale of fine dining and marital misdemeanours?

UK Soaps

UK Soaps phuzzl. Time to tune in to all your regular UK soaps – past and present. No drama, only 22 titles to find!

Dog Breeds

Let’s hope you’re up ‘fur’ this canine challenge to find twenty popular breeds of dog. This phuzzl is a walk in the park.

Abba Songs

Everyone’s favourite disco hits are undercover in this criminal case of cross-dressing. Warning – this phuzzl is a toughie!