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A phuzzl is a phonetic puzzle in the form of a humorous short story where readers are challenged to find well-known titles of movies, books, TV shows, names of sports teams, songs etc. hidden in the text...but there's a twist! Answers are hidden phonetically which means even if they occasionally do not look like the words or phrases you are searching for, they will always sound like them if you listen to the words - either saying them in your mind or out loud.

Put simply, read it, say it, find it! Still, none-the-wiser? Don't worry, our easy-to-use tutorial has all the answers you need to complete your first phuzzl.

All that's left to say is...it's time to get phuzzling!

Steve Barley

Phuzzl Creator Steve Barley
Steve Barley - phuzzl creator & YouTuber
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Phuzzls  are simple  to learn,  fun to read and strangely addictive. Take a look at the Bond movie phuzzl extract below to see how they work.


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Extract revealing 4 of the 25 Bond movie titles hidden in the phuzzl ‘Bond’s Back’

Bond's Back Bond Movies phuzzl header

The balding, shrivelled man in the high backed leather chair scornfully eyed the approach of a suavely dressed man. A man whose air of confidence, rugged good looks and steely eyes thrilled all those he passed.

Raising a withered hand, the emaciated figure waved dismissively at a nearby stool. ‘Sit down, James.’

‘Hello, Father,’ said the man.

‘Don’t you “Hello Father” me!’ said the balding man with a snarl. ‘Not a word for years and finally you decide to drop by.’

‘Actually, it’s only been a wee…’ started James but he wasn’t allowed to finish.

‘Thousands your mother and I spent on medical school fees. And did you qualify as a doctor? No you bloody well didn’t. Gallivanted off round the world instead without a single goodbye.’

‘Because I knew you wouldn’t approve,’ said James under his breath.

‘All we got was one lousy postcard saying “From Russia, with love” and you didn’t even sign it!’ A skeletal finger stabbed accusingly. ‘I tell you, that postcard knocked the living daylights out of your mother. Every day you were absent she would cry, “the world is not enough for him” or “I’m sure he’ll be back home soon.” Only you weren’t, were you?’

…to be continued! Try our Bond Movies phuzzl where you can search for the remaining 23 titles yourself. Or visit our easy-to-use How to Phuzzl tutorial to get you phuzzling!


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